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a Oatley 101 Society of Artists Inc.

About us

The Oatley 101 Society of Artists Inc. was inaugurated in October 1997 under the name
Gallery 101 Association by six artists for the initial purpose of holding a monthly 'gallery'
at which local artists would be invited to exhibit their work.

After several 'gallery' weekends and many enquiries from the public the artists moved to
include other activities at the venue such as -
Children's art classes, monthly workshops, demonstrations
and a Life Drawing Group.

In October 1998 the Gallery 101 Association became Incorporated and opened its
membership and by the end of 1999, with over 90 financial members, the committee
sought for the organisation to become a member of the Combined Art Societies of Sydney.

In 2000 Gallery 101 Association officially changed its name to - Oatley 101 Society of Artists Inc.
The Society now has a membership of over 200 and is continuing to grow.

In 2017 Oatley 101 Society of Artists won the Mark Coure MP, St George Community Award,
which recognizes outstanding individuals and organisations in the St. George Area.

The Committee:
President: Jill Hamilton

Vice President: Shirley Kane: Demonstration and Workshop Co-ordinator
Secretary/ Membership Officer: Robyn Riley
Treasurer / Webmaster: Freda Surgenor

General committee members:

Vicki Hazzard: Craft Co-ordinator
Shirley Hagarty: Publicity Officer
Pam Luttrell
Michael Dunn
Steve Hobkirk

Public Officer:
Steve Hobkirk