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aOatley 101 Society of Artists Inc.
18th Annual August Members' Exhibition
Judged by well known, talented artist Rachel Szalay

Judge's statement
"My criteria for judging begins with my instinctive response to an artwork.
I then look for the skills and technique and finally the emotional reaction"

Oatley 101 Society of Artists Inc. wishes to thank these businesses for their generous support of our Exhibition

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Ardency Prize: Best in Show
"Sophie" by Ann Clark

Judge's Comment

“This work ticked all the boxes. It grabbed my attention. It skillfully uses many techniques including sound composition and beautifully captures the pensive mood of the child"

Oatley 101 Prize: Very Highly Commended
"Way up" by Jill Cairns

Judge’s comment – “Wonderful colour and composition, light and shade. A place I would like to be"

Oatley 101 Prize: Very Highly Commended
"A Spring day in Tuscany"
by Freda Surgenor
Judge’s comment – “Unbelievable detail and beauty. Confident use of the medium and an immediate sense of calm”

Section One
PRD Nationwide, Oatley Prize
Oil or Acrylic painted as oil
"Waterlilies- Kakadu"
by Kim Sotheren
Judge’s comment:  “Colour, composition, contrast, freedom of expression, depth, movement, beauty. What more can I say?”
Section Two
PRD Nationwide, Oatley Prize
Watercolour, Gouache, Acrylic, Ink - painted as watercolour or with watercolour.
"Street of Jacaranda"
by Olga Katsyuba
Judge’s comment:  
"I felt I was transported to that Jacaranda street. Wonderful detail in a medium where detail can be tricky

This painting also won the People's Choice Award

6Section Three
Oatley 101 Prize
Works on Paper – Pastel, Charcoal, Pencil, Ink, Mixed Media, collage.
by Catherine Harry
Judge’s comment:  
“Beautifully simple, elegant, wistful, contemplative. A lovely observation of what is and isn't there"


Section Four
Oatley 101 Prize
Abstract – Any Medium or Subject
by Kerry Candarakis
Judge's comment:
“Immediately eye-catching with a strong use of colour, form and texture. It keeps drawing me in"

The Finalists
Oatley 101 Prizes

11  Jana Blasco
15  Cheryl Kirby
  "Track to the Tasman
8   Leeka Gruzdeff

David Lake
"Under a blue sky"

14  Vicki Hazzard
 "Water Scene"

15  Robyn Riley
"Afternoon Perry sands"
16  Angela Iliadis
 "Take me to the Country ll
9     Steve Jannar
  "Gaggle of Trees"
   Steve Underwood
"Tumut - Oriental Hotel" 

All the photos of these awards taken by Freda Surgenor